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Defence Reform Terminological Database - 2005 (EN-FR-RU)

Dictionary of Economy - 2007 (DE-EN-KA-RU)

Dictionary of Hydrological Engineering (AR-EN-FR-HY-PL-RO-RU) - FDP Universal Dictionary (MULTI)

English>Russian Civil-Military Relations Dictionary - 2002 (EN>RU)

English>Russian Glossary of Key Terms on Vaccinology and Immunization - 2009 (EN>RU)

English>Russian Intel® 's Trademarks and Brands (EN>RU)

English>Russian Microfinance Glossary Terms - 2008 (EN>RU)

English-Russian-French Glossary of Banking and Financial Terms - 2016 (EN-FR-RU)

European Cycling Lexicon - 2011 (MULTI)

EuroTermBank: Multilingual Terminology Portal (MULTI)

Finnish>Russian Police Vocabulary - 2013 (FI>RU)

Football Glossary - 2007 (EN>FR-IT-JA-PT-RU-SV-ZH)

French>Russian Library and Information science Glossary - 2007 (FR>RU)

French>Russian RadioTerminology (FR>RU)

Geman>Russian Radio Terminology (DE>RU)

GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (MULTI)

German Authorities and Institutions - 2010 (DE>EN-ES-FR-RU)

German>Russian Environment and Energy Glossary - 2009 (DE>RU)

German>Russian Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (DE>RU)

German-Russian Architecture Dictionary - 1957 (DE<->RU)

German-Russian Computer Science and Information Technology Dictionary - 2009 (DE<->RU)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Glossary and Multilingual Equivalents of Karst Terms - 1972 (DE-EL-EN-ES-FR-IT-RU-TR)

Glossary of Legal Terms 2004 (MULTI)

Glossary of Nuclear Power Plant Ageing - 1999 (DE-EN-ES-FR-RU)

Glossary of the Organizational Structure of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - 2003 (MULTI)

Grammar and Linguistics Glossary - Mannheim Univ. (DE-EN-RU)

Hungarian>Russian Glossary (HU>RU)

IFLA Multilingual Dictionary of Cataloguing Terms and Definitions (MULTI)

International Civil Aviation Vocabulary - 2007 (AR-EN-ES-FR-RU-ZH)

International Glossary of Hydrogeology - 1978 (EN-ES-FR-RU)

International Glossary of Hydrology - 2012 (EN-ES-FR-RU)

International Qualifications Glossary (DE<->MULTI)

Italian-Russian Glossary of dermatology - V. Armiento - 2010 (IT<->RU)

Latvian>English-Russian Acoustics Glossary (LV>EN-RU)

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary (DE-PL-RU)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

Meat mincer Manual (MULTI)

Multi-language Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground Ice Terms - 2005 (MULTI)

Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (MULTI)

Multitran Afrikaans-Russian Dictionary (AF<->RU)

Multitran Dutch-Russian Dictionary (NL<->RU)

Multitran English-Russian Dictionary (EN<->RU)

Multitran Estonian-Russian Dictionary (ET<->RU)

Multitran French-Russian Dictionary (FR<->RU)

Multitran German-Russian Dictionary (DE<->RU)

Multitran Italian-Russian Dictionary (IT<->RU)

Multitran Japanese-Russian Dictionary (JA<->RU)

Multitran Latvian-Russian Dictionary (LV<->RU)

Multitran Spanish-Russian Dictionary (ES<->RU)

NATO-Russia Glossary of Nuclear Terms and Definitions - 2004 (EN-FR-RU)

OECD - Terminology on Combined Transport (DE-EN-FR-RU)

OSH Safety and Health at Work Glossary (DE-EN-ES-FR-RU)

Pictorial Dictionary 145 vegetables and herbs for the kitchen (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL-PL-RU)

Postal Dictionary (EN-FR-LV-RU)

Russian>English Civil-Military Relations Dictionary - 2002 (RU>EN)

Russian>English Glossary of the Microfinance Terms - 2008 (RU>EN)

Russian: dictionary, online translation and resources (EN<->RU)

Russian: dictionary, online translation and resources (ES<->RU)

Russian: dictionary, online translation and resources (FR<->RU)

Russian: dictionary, online translation and resources (IT<->RU)

Sochi 2014 - Glossary for Olympic and Paralympic winter sports: Alpine skiing, freestyle, ski jumping, snowboard (FR>RU)

Sochi 2014 - Glossary for Olympic and Paralympic winter sports: Biathlon (FR>RU)

Sochi 2014 - Glossary for Olympic and Paralympic winter sports: Bobsleigh, skeleton, luge (FR>RU)

Sochi 2014 - Glossary for Olympic and Paralympic winter sports: Figure skating (FR>RU)

Sochi 2014 - Glossary for Olympic and Paralympic winter sports: Ice hockey (FR>RU)

Species of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea - 2013 (MULTI)

Terminology employed in the spa industry - 2009 (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-RU)

UN Glossaries - Glossary of Terms for the Standardization of Geographical Names (AR-EN-ES-FR-RU-ZH)

Vocabulary for Watermark Description (DE-EN-ES-FR-HU-IT-RU)

World Meteorological Organisation Abbreviations and Acronyms (AR-EN-ES-FR-RU)

Available language pairs for translation