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Essay on the Latin language. Why do we teach Latin?


Download subtitles from youtube videos!

TED talk in Latin or with Latin subtitles

Youtube videos for the study of Latin


Free online translator Latin

CORRECTMYTEXT.COM - experts will check your text in a foreign language

Where can I find a translator from English to Latin?


Omniglot - Basic overview of Latin with alphabet and useful links

Wikibooks - Latin course (printable)

A dictionary of the Latin Language, Latin Grammar

A short course in practical Latin

Books and links for learning the Greek and Latin language

Latin for e-mail

Latin grammar

Latin language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about Latin.

Latin phrasebook

Latin Verb Conjugator

Latin Words in English

Links to 50 sites for the study of Latin

Our introduction into elementary Latin grammar with many examples and in a practical approach.


The Latin Alphabet

The Latin Lessons

Udemy - Online Latin courses from experts

Use These Latin Words in English Conversations

Vulgar Latin - Learn Why Late Latin Was Called Vulgar

Wikipedia - Overview of the Latin language


34 old books on Greek and Latin language

Project Gutenberg - Download or read Latin language books online for free


Greek and Latin forum

LatinStudy is an open mailing list dedicated to the study of Latin, including Classical, Medieval, and Neo-Latin authors.

MEETUP - Meeting learners of Latin worldwide

There is some useful links about Latin on

Program - download subtitles (closed captions) from Youtube

Memrise - Spaced repetition site and app for learning Latin vocabulary


Forvo - Collection of Latin words pronounced by native speakers

Surface Languages - Basic Latin phrases with audio

iTunes App. contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.

Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone


Forum for language learners. A lot of languages.


Aquaculture Glossary (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-LA)

Arten-Lexikon (DE-FR-IT-LA)

AVL - Fauna Vocabulary (LA>CA-ES)

Bird names in Galician - 2013 (GL>LA)

Botanical Dictionary (2004) (LA-IT-EN-FR)

Chess Pieces in 72 languages (MULTI) - FDP Universal Dictionary (MULTI)

Dizionario piemontese, italiano, latino e francese, Volume 1 By Casimiro Zalli - 1830 (FR-IT-LA)

Esculape : Latin>French Pathology Terminology(LA>FR)

Espressioni latine (LA>IT)

Fish of The Mediterranean Sea (MULTI)

Football Glossary (Glossarium Pedifollicum) (LA>DE)

Forest Tree Species Terminology Glossary (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-LA)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Latin>English Select Word-List from Manorial Records (LA>EN)

List of Italian Birds (LA>IT)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

Multilingual Dictionary of the Names of Chemical Elements (MULTI)

Perennial Plant Names (IT>LA-EN)

Portuguese>Latin Common Names of Fishes (PT>LA)

Slovak Medical Terminology: Anatomy - 2008 (LA>EN-SK)

The Terminology Database of the Swiss Federal Administration (MULTI)

Traperko Multilingual Dictionary (MULTI)

Uniprom: Fish Glossary (DE-EN-FR-IT-LA)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI)

Zoological Dictionary - 2005 (LA-IT-EN-FR)

Available language pairs for translation