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iTunes App. contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.

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APFA - 53 mots-clés des affaires en 49 langues (MULTI)

Asylum and Migration Glossary - 2011 (IT>MULTI)

Chess Pieces in 72 languages (MULTI)

Dictionary of Tourism - 2007 (BG-DE-EL-EN-ES-FR-PT)

EMITEL - European Medical Imaging Technology e-Encyclopaedia (MULTI)

English>Greek Dictionary of Mathematical Terms -1999 (EN>EL)

English>Greek Glossary of Social Security Administration Terminology (EN>EL)

English>Greek Intel® 's Trademarks and Brands (EN>EL)

European Adult Learning Glossary, Level 1 - 2008 (MULTI)

European Cycling Lexicon - 2011 (MULTI)

European glossary on education: Examinations, qualifications and titles Vol. 1 - 2004 (MULTI)

Financial crisis Key terms in 23 languages - 2012 (MULTI)

Fish of The Mediterranean Sea (MULTI)

FishBase - The Fish Database (MULTI)

GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (MULTI)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Glossary and Multilingual Equivalents of Karst Terms - 1972 (DE-EL-EN-ES-FR-IT-RU-TR)

Glossary of Legal Terms 2004 (MULTI)

Greek: dictionary, online translation and resources (EL<->EN)

Greek: dictionary, online translation and resources (EL<->ES)

Greek: dictionary, online translation and resources (EL<->FR)

Greek: dictionary, online translation and resources (EL<->IT)

Human Rights Terminology - 2011 (MULTI)

Import Export Dictionary (MULTI)

International Qualifications Glossary (DE<->MULTI)

Kaannos Ilmainen Sanakirja (MULTI)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

Mapping the World of Education (EN-MULTI)

Microsoft Search Terminology (EN>MULTI)

Military Glossary - 2003 (EL-EN-FR)

Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (MULTI)

Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database (MULTI)

Pan-European Dictionary of Common Names of Wild and Domestic Animals - Mammals and Birds in 53 Languages of Europe (MULTI)

SAPterm - SAP Terminology (MULTI)

Tintin in 28 languages (MULTI)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI)

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