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iTunes App. contains 100 lessons that provide beginners with a basic vocabulary. With no prior knowledge, you will learn to fluently speak short sentences in real-world situations in no time.

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, and English. Totally fun. Totally free.

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Abbreviations used by the Swiss Army (DE-FR-IT)

Arten-Lexikon (DE-FR-IT-LA)

Asylum and Migration Glossary - 2011 (IT>MULTI) German-Polish Dictionary (DE<->PL)

Banking Glossary - 2007 (DE-EN-FR-RO)

BMW - Breakdown Dictionary (MULTI)

City Parking in Europe Glossary (EN>DE-ES-IT-NL-FR)

Dictionary of Economy - 2007 (DE-EN-KA-RU)

Dictionary of Library and Information Sciences - 2014 (DE-EN-SR)

Dictionary of Tourism - 2007 (BG-DE-EL-EN-ES-FR-PT) - FDP Universal Dictionary (MULTI)

DOPPS II Multilingual Glossary of Nephrology Terms (DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL-SV)

Dutch-German Vocational Training and Employment Dictionary (DE<->NL)

English-German Math Dictionary (DE<->EN)

English-German Polymer Science Dictionary - 2006 (DE<->EN)

ETD - Energy Glossary (DE-EN-TR)

European Adult Learning Glossary, Level 1 - 2008 (MULTI)

Financial crisis Key terms in 23 languages - 2012 (MULTI)

FiNATEX - Textile Dictionary - 2012 (MULTI)

Football Glossary (Glossarium Pedifollicum) (LA>DE)

French>German Construction Dictionary (FR>DE)

French>German Ophthalmology Glossary - 2010 (FR>DE)

French-German Roads and Transport Technical Terms - 2007 (DE<->FR)

Galician Dictionary of Football - 2015 DE-EN-ES-FR-GL-PT)

Gastronomy Dictionary (ES>EU-EN-FR-DE)

Geman>Russian Radio Terminology (DE>RU)

GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (MULTI)

German>Arabic Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (AR>DE)

German>Dutch Fire Brigade Terminology - 2007 (DE>NL)

German>Italian Forestry Terms (DE>IT)

German>Polish Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (DE>PL)

German>Portuguese Football Glossary (DE>PT)

German>Russian Environment and Energy Glossary - 2009 (DE>RU)

German>Russian Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (DE>RU)

German>Turkish Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (DE>TR)

German-Hindi Dictionary - 2003 (DE<->HI)

German-Russian Architecture Dictionary - 1957 (DE<->RU)

German-Russian Computer Science and Information Technology Dictionary - 2009 (DE<->RU)

German: dictionary, online translation and resources (DE<->EN)

German: dictionary, online translation and resources (DE<->ES)

German: dictionary, online translation and resources (DE<->FR)

German: dictionary, online translation and resources (DE<->IT)

Glossary of Paper terms (EN>FR-IT-DE-ES-SV-NL)

Glossary of Technical Terms for the Orientation Framework on Land Law and Land Tenure of the GTZ (DE-EN-FR)

Glossary of Terms for the Turbomachinery Domain (DE>EN, FR, SV, IT)

Glossary of Terms for the Turbomachinery Domain - 2002 (EN>FR, DE, SV, IT)

Glossary of Terms for the Turbomachinery Domain - 2002 (FR>EN, DE, SV, IT)

Glossary of Terms for the Turbomachinery Domain - 2002 (IT>EN, FR, DE, SV)

Glossary of Terms for the Turbomachinery Domain - 2002 (SV>EN, FR, DE, IT)

Glossary of the Organizational Structure of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - 2003 (MULTI)

Glossary of Vocational Training Terms - 2010 (DE>BOS-HR-SR)

Glossary on the Common Customs Code - 2006 (DE-EN-FR-RO)

Grammar and Linguistics Glossary - Mannheim Univ. (DE-EN-RU)

Grammatical Terminology (PT>DE-EN)

Hoepli German>Italian Dictionary of Economy and Finance- 2005 (DE>IT)

Hoepli Italian>German Dictionary of Economy and Finance- 2005 (IT>DE)

Human Rights Terminology - 2011 (MULTI)

Hungarian>German Glossary (HU>DE)

Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Electronics Dictionary (BG-DE-EN-PL)

Hydrogeology Dictionary (DE-EN-FR-PL)

Ladin-German-Italian Pedagogy Glossary - 2002 (DE<->IT)

Legal glossary - 2003 (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-SL)

Legal Glossary - 2008 (RO>EN-FR-IT-DE-ES)

Lighting Technics Dictionary (HU>EN-DE-FR)

Little Dictionary of Galician Gastronomy (DE-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT)

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary (AR-DE-FR)

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary (DE-EN-ZH)

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary (DE-PL-RU)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

LookWAYup English-German Dictionary (DE<->EN)

Masti Asphalt Glossary - 2012 (DE-EN-FR)

Metrology Glossary -1997 (EN>DE-FR-NL-NO-SV)

Multi-language Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground Ice Terms - 2005 (MULTI)

Multilingual Aeronautical Dictionary (MULTI)

Multilingual Guide to EC Freshness Grades for Fishery Products (MULTI)

Multitran German-Russian Dictionary (DE<->RU)

OECD - Terminology on Combined Transport (DE-EN-FR-RU) German-Polish Dictionary (DE<->PL)

Packaging Industry Terms Glossary (DE-EN-FR-IT-NL-SV)

Pan-European Dictionary of Common Names of Wild and Domestic Animals - Mammals and Birds in 53 Languages of Europe (MULTI)

Paper Conservation Glossary - 2009 (EN>DE-ZH)

Pons German-Polish Dictionary (DE<->PL))

Rüdiger Werner's English-German Dictionary (DE<->EN)

Rail Cargo Transport Dictionary - 2004 (CS-DE-EN)

REDINED - European Education Thesaurus (2003) (MULTI)

Restaurants Vocabulary (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL)

Scenography and Stage Machinery Glossary - 2007 (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT)

Semantic Network Service (SNS) of the Federal Environmental Agency (DE<->EN)

Sheet Pile Wall Glossary (DE-EN-FR)

SLC - Philosophy Vocabulary - 1998 (CA-DE-EN-ES)

SLT- Catalan-Spanish Mechanics and Thermodynamics Vocabulary - 1998 (DE-CA-EN-ES)

SLT- Engineering Projects Vocabulary - 1999 (CA-DE-EN-ES)

SLT: Textile Industry Dictionary - 1994 (CA>DE-EN-ES-FR)

SNL-USC. - Educational and Vocational Guidance Glossary (2000) (GL>ES-EN-FR-DE)

Terminology of Criminal Law and Related Areas 2004 (DE-EN-FR-IT)

Terminology of vocational training policy - 2004 (CS-DE-EN-FR-HU-PL)

Textile Fibers List (MULTI)

The INTIX Dictionary — A Glossary of Ticketing Terms (MULTI)

The language of Asylum: Basic Terminology, Definitions (BG-DE-EN-FR)

The Scouting Dictionary (MULTI)

Translation Terminology (DE-EN-ES-FR-GL)

Uniprom: Fish Glossary (DE-EN-FR-IT-LA)

UPM Paper and Printing Glossary - 2007 (EN>FI-DE-FR)

Vocabulary for Watermark Description (DE-EN-ES-FR-HU-IT-RU)

Vocabulary of Basic Terms for Cataloguing Costume (DE-EN-FR)

Wind Turbine Market 2003 (DE-EN-ES)

Available language pairs for translation