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Agrovoc - Multilingual Thesaurus of Agricultural Terminology (MULTI)

Chess Pieces in 72 languages (MULTI)

Chinese: dictionary, online translation and resources (EN<->ZH)

Chinese: dictionary, online translation and resources (ES<->ZH)

Chinese: dictionary, online translation and resources (FR<->ZH)

Chinese: dictionary, online translation and resources (IT<->ZH)

cinematographic and audiovisual techniques multi-lingual lexicon (MULT)

Contoworld - Common Banking Terms Glossary (IT>ZH)

Dicionário temático visuai bílingüe (PT>ZH) - FDP Universal Dictionary (MULTI)

Electropedia: The World's Online Electrotechnical Vocabulary (MULTI)

EMITEL - European Medical Imaging Technology e-Encyclopaedia (MULTI)

English>Chinese Glossary of Key Election Terminologye - 2008 (EN>ZH)

English>Chinese Glossary of Microfinance Terms - 2008 (EN>ZH)

English>Chinese Simplified Intel® 's Trademarks and Brands (EN>ZH)

English>Chinese Traditional Intel® 's Trademarks and Brands (EN>ZH)

English-Chinese Glossary of Financial Terms (EN>ZH)

European Cycling Lexicon - 2011 (MULTI)

FishBase - The Fish Database (MULTI)

Football Glossary - 2007 (EN>FR-IT-JA-PT-RU-SV-ZH)

GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (MULTI)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Glossary of Legal Terms 2004 (MULTI)

Glossary of Mental Health Terms - 2006 (EN>ZH-IT-ES-VI)

Glossary of the Organizational Structure of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) - 2003 (MULTI)

International Civil Aviation Vocabulary - 2007 (AR-EN-ES-FR-RU-ZH)

International Meat Glossary (EN>ES-ZH)

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Terminology (AR-DE-EN-ES-FR-JA-PT-RU)

Kaannos Ilmainen Sanakirja (MULTI)

Living at a student dorm - An illustrated dictionary (DE-EN-ZH)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

Microsoft Search Terminology (EN>MULTI)

Multi-language Glossary of Permafrost and Related Ground Ice Terms - 2005 (MULTI)

Paper Conservation Glossary - 2009 (EN>DE-ZH)

SAPterm - SAP Terminology (MULTI)

Sensagent Dictionary (MULTI)

TERMCAT - Diccionari de llengües del món (MULTI)

UN Glossaries - Glossary of Terms for the Standardization of Geographical Names (AR-EN-ES-FR-RU-ZH)

UNISDR Terminology on Disaster Risk Reduction - 2009 (EN-JA-KO-ZH)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI)

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