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Animal Physiology Vocabulary - 2002 (CA>EN-ES)

APFA - 53 mots-clés des affaires en 49 langues (MULTI)

Artificial Intelligence Terminology (CA-EN-ES-FR-PT)

Astro Language (MULTI)

Athletics Vocabulary (CA-EN-ES-FR-IT-PT)

AVL - Fauna Vocabulary (LA>CA-ES)

AVL -Spanish>Catalan Legal Vocabulary - 2006 (ES>CA)

Basic Glossary for People Affected by AIDS (CA-EN-ES-FR)

Birds Dictionary (FI>CA-LA)

Catalan>English Computer Vocabulary - 1999 (CA>EN)

Catalan-Spanish Civil Law Dictionary (CA<->ES)

Catalan-Spanish Criminal and Prison Law Vocabulary (CA<->ES)

Catalan-Spanish-English Aphasia and Language Disorders Dictionary - 2011 (DAf) (CA-EN-ES)

Catalan: dictionary, online translation and resources (CA<->EN)

Catalan: dictionary, online translation and resources (CA<->ES)

Catalan: dictionary, online translation and resources (CA<->FR)

Catalan: dictionary, online translation and resources (CA<->IT)

Chess Pieces in 72 languages (MULTI)

E-commerce Lexicon (FR>CA-OCCorsican)

Fine Arts Vocabulary - 2007 (CA-EN-ES)

GEMET General Multilingual Environmental Thesaurus (MULTI)

Geology Vocabulary - 2001 (CA-EN-ES)

Glosbe - the multilingual online dictionary (MULTI)

Glossary of Economic Marketing - 2011 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT)

Glossary of Terms used in Photochemistry (CA<->EN)

GT - Biochemical Lexicon (CA>EN-ES)

IFLA Multilingual Dictionary of Cataloguing Terms and Definitions (MULTI)

Immunology Dictionary (CA-EN-ES-FR)

Import Export Dictionary (MULTI)

Kaannos Ilmainen Sanakirja (MULTI)

Legal glossary - 2003 (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-SL)

Library and Information Science Glossary (CA-CS-EN-ES-FR)

Logic Vocabulary - 2002 (CA>EN-ES)

LOGOS Dictionary (MULTI)

Mapping the World of Education (EN-MULTI)

Microsoft Search Terminology (EN>MULTI)

Music Vocabulary (CA-EN-ES)

Ophthalmology Dictionary - 2001 (CA-EN-ES)

Pan-European Dictionary of Common Names of Wild and Domestic Animals - Mammals and Birds in 53 Languages of Europe (MULTI)

Pan-Latin Avian Influenza Vocabulary - 2009 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT-RO)

Pan-Latin Bicycle Vocabulary - 2012 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT-RO)

Pan-Latin Book Distribution Vocabulary- 2010 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT-RO)

Pan-Latin Geomatics Lexicon 2007 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT)

Pan-Latin Nanotechnology Vocabulary - 2009 (CA-EN-ES-FR-IT-PT-RO)

Pan-Latin Office Supplies Vocabulary - 2010 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT)

Pan-Latin Sustainable Development Vocabulary - 2015 (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT-PT-RO)

Panlatin Glossary of Biotechnology - Plants Genetics and Tissue Culture (CA-EN-ES-FR-GL-IT)

Patin Sailing Glossary - 2010 (CA>EN-ES-FR-NL)

Photochemistry Vocabulary - 2002 (CA>EN-ES)

Public Health Terminology (CA-EN-ES)

REDINED - European Education Thesaurus (2003) (MULTI)

Refranero Multilingüe (MULTI)

Restaurants Vocabulary (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT-NL)

SAPterm - SAP Terminology (MULTI)

Scenography and Stage Machinery Glossary - 2007 (CA-DE-EN-ES-FR-IT)

Senology Dictionary - 2005 (CA-EN-ES-FR-IT)

SLC - Archival Science Vocabulary - 2005 (CA-EN-ES)

SLC - Catalan>Spanish Ecology Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC - Catalan>Spanish Electromagnetism Vocabulary (CA>ES)

SLC - Catalan>Spanish Mechanics Vocabulary (CA>ES)

SLC - Philosophy Vocabulary - 1998 (CA-DE-EN-ES)

SLC - Zoology Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Astronomy and Astophysics Vocabulary - 1994 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Civil Law Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Ecomomy Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Optics Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Procedural Law Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Quantum Ohysics Vocabulary - 1994 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Thermodynamics, Physica and Statistics Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLC: Catalan>Spanish Trade Law Vocabulary - 1995 (CA>ES)

SLT- Catalan-Spanish Mechanics and Thermodynamics Vocabulary - 1998 (DE-CA-EN-ES)

SLT- Engineering Projects Vocabulary - 1999 (CA-DE-EN-ES)

SLT: Architectural Restoration Glossary - 2002 (CA-ES-IT)

SLT: Catalan-Spanish Basic Construction Vocabulary - 2002 (CA<->ES)

SLT: Internet Basic Vocabulary - 2002 (CA-EN-ES)

SLT: Optical and Optometry Vocabulary - 2003 (CA-EN-ES)

SLT: Textile Industry Dictionary - 1994 (CA>DE-EN-ES-FR)

SNL-USC. - Human Resources Basic Terminology (2006) (GL>ES-EN-CA)

Spanish>Catalan Legal and Administration Terminology (ES>CA)

STL: Electronic Instrumentation Vocabulary 2000 (CA<->EN<->ES)

STL: Telecommunications Vocabulary 2000 (CA-EN-ES)

Tintin in 28 languages (MULTI)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (MULTI)

Veterinary and Livestock Dictionary (CA-EN-ES-FR)

Welding Vocabulary - 2010 (CA-EN-ES)

Wiktionary (MULTI)

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